...Dr. Soler was very patient and comforting. After my surgery, I had multiple checkups with Dr. Soler to ensure that I was healing properly....
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Where Beauty Is Enhanced

Tampa plastic surgeon Dr. Pedro Soler, a board certified plastic surgeon and active member of five plastic surgery and medical groups, believes in a team approach: the team of doctor and patient. This winning combination allows each patient the time needed to make the important decision about the procedure they desire. There is no pressure, as this decision is reached by the team.

"Our philosophy is to provide safe, comprehensive, personal and professional care," Dr. Soler says. "We spend as much time as needed with each patient to answer each and every question. We want every patient to feel completely comfortable with this important decision."

Our goal is to provide the latest state-of-the-art cosmetic plastic surgery to help patients achieve the beautiful and natural appearance they desire. Dr. Soler has dedicated his life to helping people look younger, feel more attractive and improve the overall quality of their lives.

Board Certified Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Tampa Plastic Surgeon Dr. Soler believes that excellence in plastic surgery is a combination of technical expertise, creativity and individuality. His approach to patient care is uniquely personal and his philosophy is simple...always listen to the patient. Dr. Soler notes that 'far too often the surgical result is the surgeon's vision, not the patient's goal.' During the consultation, patients are encouraged to participate in the development of their treatment plan and to ask the inquisitive questions that they often feel uncomfortable asking their surgeon. Patient expectations are always addressed and treatment options are tailored to the individual's goals.

Individual Commitment

img-ltPlastic surgery is an art of both body and mind. Rejuvenation of the physical being inspires restoration of self-image and self-confidence. Dr. Soler's dedication to his patients is reflected in the mutual respect and trust of the doctor-patient relationship. Day and night, he is always available to his patients.

Dr. Soler received his extensive training in plastic surgery at Creighton Medical School, in Omaha Nebraska and the University of South Florida, Tampa Florida. This was followed by a comprehensive fellowship in Craniomaxilliofacail surgery in Mexico City, Mexico.


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Meet Dr. Soler

Dr. Soler

Dr. Soler is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a candidate for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. He is a member of numerous other professional societies, as well as published author and lecturer.

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