male breast reduction surgery

Gynecomastia Surgery-Male Breast Reduction

If you are a man with excessively large breasts due to sagging or excess tissue in the chest which could be due to a large amount of weight loss. Gynecomastia Surgery, male breast reduction, is a procedure that is helpful for men to regain a more masculine contour with a flatter chest and gain confidence. Dr. Soler provides male breast reduction to many patients in the greater Tampa Bay area.

How is Male Breast Reduction performed?

The Gynecomastia, or male breast reduction surgery, is performed under local anesthesia and sedation and is an outpatient procedure. Either excision or liposuction of the fat, or a combination of both is used to remove the excess fat and tissue deposits. Any excessive skin can also be excised during this process. A few hours after the surgery, you can go home and during the first few days you should have a close relative or friend to aid in the recovery process. A chest wrapping or a compression vest may be used for a week or two after the surgery to keep inflammation down.

Does insurance cover Gynecomastia surgery?

Breast reduction surgery may be covered by insurance. You must contact your provider for obtaining pre-authorization. Any risks or individual suitability of breast reduction should be discussed directly with Dr. Soler during your consultation at his Tampa office.

We treat a breast reduction as a cosmetic procedure upon your first visit, and the $60 consultation fee applies. In order for a breast reduction to be covered under insurance, patients need 2-5 years of previous conservative treatment including chiropractor, PCP, massage therapist, etc. Even with the conservative treatments, surgeries need to be pre-approved and patients may be responsible for co-payments/co-insurance amounts per their insurance eligibility.

Even though all surgical procedures carry a slight degree of risk, any major complications are not foreseen in a breast reduction surgery. Any minor complications that may arise do not hamper the end result of your surgery. Dr. Soler performs breast reduction surgery at his practice which is located just outside of downtown Tampa. Call Dr. Soler today to schedule your consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon serving Southwest Florida.

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If you would like to discover if a male breast reduction surgery is right for you, give our Tampa office a call today to schedule a one on one consultation with Dr. Soler. Our office serves patients from all over Tampa Bay and is conveniently located just outside of downtown Tampa. Dr. Soler looks forward to meeting with you and addressing your specific goals of getting a male breast reduction surgery.