breast lift surgery

Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

There could be several reasons for sagging breasts, which include pregnancies, aging or even genetics. A breast lift could help bring back your diminished self esteem. You may desire an elevated, youthful contour to your breasts as well as nipple-areolar complex at the correct height and size. You do not have to hold yourself back from the desired body contours anymore. Many patients opt for mastopexy if their breasts are sagging too much and they cannot be treated merely with breast augmentation or implants.

How is a Breast Lift procedure performed?

Dr. Soler performs a breast lift under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. You will go home with only a light dressing over the incision area. Any slight discomfort can be controlled with oral medication. You can even begin light activities within a week or 10 days from your surgery date. Dr. Soler sees many breast lift patients from all the Tampa Bay area.

Is Mastopexy covered by insurance?

Since the procedure is considered cosmetic, Breast lifts are not covered under insurance. Any risks or individual suitability of Mastopexy should be discussed with Dr. Soler during your one on one consultation. Even though all surgical procedures carry a slight degree of risk, any major complications are not foreseen in a breast lift surgery. Any minor complications that may arise do not hamper the end result of your surgery. Dr. Soler’s office is conveniently located in Tampa and is located just outside of downtown Tampa. Call today to schedule a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Pedro Soler.

Discreet Cosmetic Surgery Travel

If you plan on travelling into Tampa from 50 or more miles away, we recommend you plan to stay for a few days. The chart below shows how long Dr. Soler recommends you plan to stay based on your procedure. This chart is for both car and air travelers. At your consultation, Dr. Soler can give you a better idea of exactly how many days you would need to plan for post-operatively. If you need additional planning assistance, please contact our helpful office or visit our travel page .

Breast Lift5-7 daysDressings are removed at 7 days. The sutures used are dissolvable.